Camp Policies


OK to bring
- Cell phone (only if turned in)
- MP3 Player (music only)
- iPod devices that do not have WiFi or Internet connection (music only)

DO NOT bring
- Laptop
- E-Reader/Tablet/Ipad
- Ipod Touch/Gaming Devices
- Selfie Sticks
- GoPro/Wearable Video Camera
- Apple Watches/Fitbits

Camp is not responsible for any items lost at camp.

Other Electrical:

For safety reasons, we do not allow multi-plug power strips or extension cords.

Inappropriate Use of the Internet During the School Year:

A camper that singles out another person or group in a negative way, either verbally or in writing (via email, instant messaging or online social networking sites) will not be allowed to attend camp. It is against camp policy for campers and staff to speak or write disparaging comments about other campers, staff, directors, programs or policies, either in paper or electronically, especially on any social networking sites, including ones that are password protected. As we all know, the internet is much more public than people often realize. We encourage you to monitor your child’s social networking sites and help identify and remove inappropriate pictures, language and/or any hurtful comments. Furthermore, out of respect for the privacy of all members in our camp community, campers and staff may not take videos at camp.

Food Policy:

Campers and staff are not allowed to have food in their cabins. Due to the increasing number of campers with food allergies, we are asking that no food be brought to camp. Food also attracts wildlife and we don’t want any critters in the cabins and there is very limited storage space for campers personal items. Campers will be allowed to buy food in the candy store but it must be eaten prior to returning to their cabin. Please do not mail food in care packages. Any food found will be collected and donated.

We are NOT a peanut free camp.

Inappropriate Behaviior:

We reserve the right to immediately send home any camper who engages in fighting, taunting, bullying or who is emotionally, verbally or physically threatening to another camper or staff member. Any camper found in possession of alcohol, tobacco products, weapons and/or any illegal drugs including prescription and over the counter medications not turned over to the health center upon arrival to camp, will immediately be sent home. In these above situations, the camper will be isolated from their group until parents pick up their child. There will be no warnings, second chances, or refunds of any kind.

Gratuities & Gifts:

Counselors are not to be tipped or given gifts under any circumstances. There is much that is undesirable about the practice of tipping. Our policy states that no member of our staff is permitted to accept tips. Please help us adhere to this policy.

Late Arrivals:

Immediately after each registration, orientation begins. Campers MUST be at orientation, therefore, no late arrivals are allowed.


Please do not bring your pet when dropping off or picking up your children, they are NOT allowed at camp.


A large part of the camp learning experience is about independence. Camp is an opportunity for young people to see that they can do well on their own. No visiting will be allowed.