State Regulations

The state code stipulates that the following information be included:

(1) that such camp is required to be permitted to operate by the New York State Department of Health / Oneida County Health Department;

(2) that such camp is required to be inspected twice yearly;

(3) the address where inspection reports concerning such camps are filed:
Oneida County Health Department
Adirondack Bank Building
185 Genesee Street – 4th Floor
Utica, NY 13501

Camper Rules

Campers receive a complete orientation to all health & safety rules. You should make sure they are familiar with some of the following rules before attending camp. We have a zero tolerance policy for: smoking, drugs or alcohol, stealing, fighting, possession of weapons or dangerous objects, leaving the camp area without a counselor, lighters or matches and failing to abide by the camp rules.

Remind the campers of the following: no running on hills, obey all waterfront safety rules, respect the rights of others and to cooperate with staff.