Packing Suggestions:

Encourage your child to bring a small item from home to make them feel secure and comfortable while away!
Very comfortable, informal wear is appropriate.

We suggest you bring your campers clothing in the following containers (one of each - see link). It helps to keep the campers organized and we have limited storage areas.


Bathrobe (if you have one)
Shirts (short & long sleeve)
Sweat shirt & pants
Lightweight jacket
Medium weight jacket
Medium weight jacket
Two swimsuits
(Girls - 1 piece tankini ONLY)
(Boys swim trunks only)
Sneakers or old shoes for hiking
* all shoes must by closed toe
* flip flops are ONLY allowed in shower

Other Items

Sunscreen (lotion only)
Insect repellent (lotion only)
Flashlight with extra batteries
NYLON Laundry Bag with camper's name
Shower organizer or shower caddy
Notebook, pen, pre-addressed envelopes & stamps to write home
Two beach towels
Sleeping bag or blanket
Pillow & pillowcase
Towels & washcloths
Water bottle with campers name - REQUIRED!!!

Toilet Articles

Tooth paste
Deodorant (roll-on or stick)
Brush or comb

Optional Items

Disposable Camera
Swim Goggles
Musical Instrument
Fishing rod and tackle (camp has some)
Favorite baseball mitt, tennis racket, etc.
Extra eye glasses
Girls may want to bring a dress for special events (no heels)

** Note ** NO AEROSOLE CANS OF ANY KIND!!! (Ex. Deodorant, bug spray, hairspray, perfume, etc.)

** Note ** All clothing and equipment must contain name or name tags, Bring enough clothes to last at least 10 days if you are staying for two or three weeks.

** Note ** Sleeping bags are for bed use only, if you don't have one a blanket will be good. The camp provides sleeping bags for the overnight hike.

** Note ** Do not bring valuables to camp