Medical Information

We take every precaution to ensure the health of our campers. Our staff includes NY State licensed RNs who are on camp 24 hours a day. Our nurses will treat campers according to standard protocol procedures under the direction of your physician. In the unlikely event there should be a medical emergency, parents will be notified as quickly as possible. Parents will also be notified if a camper needs to be brought to a local doctor or dentist, or needs to stay overnight in our health center. If you have any questions for our nurses, you can reach our Health Care Director directly at (315) 392-2421.

Urgent Care
Faxton Urgent Care, 1675 Bennett Street, Utica, NY, 13502, phone (315) 624-5226 for routine medical visits.

Hospital Visits
Mohawk Valley Health System - St. Luke’s Campus, 1656 Champlin Ave, New Hartford, NY, 13417, telephone (315) 624-6000 for any emergency visits.
Your insurance company information will be given and if it is not accepted, you may be required to pay with your credit card. If medication is prescribed, our driver will pick it up and you will be called for your credit card information.

The medical forms are all part of our new online registration process. Please cooperate by making sure ALL forms are properly filled out and uploaded by June 1st.
The physical can NOT be any older than 12 months. Please keep in mind that most insurance companies only allow one physical a year and you may have to pay for a physical out of pocket to meet this deadline.

When filling out your health history information, the more we know about your child’s medical, social and emotional history, the better care we can provide. Please indicate any information about your child’s personality or personal needs that would be helpful. Having prior knowledge about your child’s medical needs, psychological development (including any counseling), learning difficulties, bedwetting problems, attention issues, anxiety about new situations, recent losses, or major changes in the family/child’s life will help us better care for your child. Any and all information pertaining to your child is enormously helpful as we work to maximize your child’s experience at camp. If we are aware of certain needs or problems in advance, we can train our staff to help your child. Be assured that this information is kept confidential.

If you will be traveling while your child is at camp make sure you include this information on the medical forms you fill out online.

You cannot use medical information from a previous year. If a camper arrives without all required medical information they will be sent home and no refunds issued.

Check List
- STANDING ORDERS FOR MEDICATIONS (signed & stamped by dr and reviewed with parents)

Be sure that your child’s medications, both prescription and over-the-counter are in pharmacy labeled bottles and/or original packages or they will not be accepted. All medications including over-the-counter medicine must be dropped off on opening day at the Infirmary, NO medications are allowed in the cabins. Do not pack medications in your child’s luggage. Certain over the counter medications are stocked in the camp infirmary and require your child’s physician written permission (a list of these will be provided on our medical forms).

Campers are expected to show up at their assigned time to get their medication. Please make sure your child has enough medication to last for THREE weeks at camp (in case they extend). Reminder, you are responsible for coming to the Infirmary to pick up your child’s medication on pick up day, it will not be mailed back. Any medications left behind will be destroyed within 5 days (we cannot mail medications back). It is important that you note any allergies and restrictions on your child’s health history. If your child has a history of asthma, it is wise to include ALL medications that he/she may need in case of an acute episode.

To further help us, we ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. We strongly recommend that you thoroughly check your child’s head for lice and/or eggs. If you find lice and/or eggs, please notify camp. In addition, you must wash or boil all items such as hats, stuffed animals, and hairbrushes. While lice is not uncommon at camp, we do our best to normalize the situation, any child that needs to be treated for lice will be removed from regular programming for 24-48 hours.
  2. Dental and orthodontic work must be completed before camp.
  3. If your child wears eyeglasses, please send a second pair along. Children who wear contact lenses should bring adequate cleaning fluid and additional lenses.
  4. If your child should require a special diet (vegetarian, etc.) and/or have a food allergy, please make sure to include that on your medical forms and visit the camp cooks on registration day.
  5. We are NOT a peanut free camp.
  6. Advise the camp of any contact your child has had with any contagious diseases or if they have traveled outside of North America after June 1st
  7. If your child is not feeling well on opening day, please contact the Health Care Director before coming to camp, it may be better to keep them home until they are feeling better.

If a camper gets injured or sick during their stay at camp including but not limited to: broken bone, sprains requiring crutches, fever of 101.5 lasting over 24 hours, transportation to a hospital and cannot participate in ALL regular scheduled camp activities for more than 24 hours, campers will be sent home. Campers must be able to participate in regular scheduled activities.

The state code stipulates that the following information be included in your information package: (1) that such camp is required to be permitted to operate by the New York State Department of Health / Oneida County Health Department; (2) that such camp is required to be inspected twice yearly; and(3) the address where inspection reports concerning such camps are filed: Oneida County Health Department, Adirondack Bank Building, 185 Genesee Street – 4th Floor, Utica, NY 13501