Typical Day

Typical Day: Campers will be doing scheduled activities with the campers from their cabins each morning. Scheduled activities are rotated every day:

07:30 am: Wake Up
08:15 am: Flag Ceremony
08:30 am: Breakfast
09:10 am: Cottage clean-up
10:00 am: 1st Activity
11:15 am: 2nd Activity
12:30 pm: Wash up
12:45 pm: Lunch
02:00 pm: Rest Time / Mail Call
02:30 pm: General Swim
03:15 pm: Open Activity/open Candy Store
04:45 pm: Wash up
05:15 pm: Flag Lowering
05:30 pm: Dinner
07:00 pm: Open Field
08:30 pm: Evening Activity
09:30 pm: All campers to cottages & snack
10:00 pm: Lights out Beckwith & Allen
10:30 pm: Lights out Ainsworth
11:00 pm: Lights out Topping


Three appetizing, nutritious meals are prepared by a professional food service company. Meals are served buffet style and are designed to be popular with children. Please let Nurses and Food Service Manager know if there are any food allergies, etc.

(The Following are examples of the type of meals you might expect at camp):


  • >Scrambled Eggs
  • >Bacon
  • >Sausages
  • >Pancakes
  • >Fruit
  • >Cereal
  • >Milk
  • >Apple Juice


  • >Burgers
  • >Mixed Green Salad
  • >Hot-Dogs
  • >Pasta
  • >Macaroni and Cheese
  • >Sandwiches


  • >Pizza
  • >Corn-Dogs
  • >Chicken Fingers
  • >Tacos
  • >Spagetti/Pasta
  • >Chicken
  • >Fish